The Many Facets Of Life
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The Pure Nonsense of Polarities

In our dualistic world of good/bad, happy/sad, pure/impure it is easy to miss not only the levels or shades between the polarities, but also their significance. When we focus on the extremes, we miss the detail that is life.

A long-standing fascination with things mineral and gem, became an interest in crystallography and the myriad crystalline structures formed in nature. For those interested, hints about the geometry of nature can be found in the combination of crystal structure, chaos theory and fractal mathematics (which is effectively applied recursion).

For a long time, I believed the reason for this fascination was the intrinsic geometric purity of crystalline structures.

  Cavansite (blue) on Apophyllite base
But this is not so. In fact, very few crystalline structures are truly pure. It is the impurities, the minute variations in chemical composition, which creates the beauty and variety that make them so fascinating.

The minerals we classify as gems owe their value to impurities that give them their splendid hues. Diamond is one of the very few that is actually valued greatest in its pure state, and then, as much for its hardness as its beauty.

Recently taken macro photographs of crystal structures led to some interesting observations.
  Quartz Crystal on Haematite Crystal base
Perfect Anomalies

Mineral specimens composed of multiple crystal structures have a great deal to teach about seamless integration.

 Olive Gyrolite - Apophyllite - Prehnite base

When a secondary compound or mineral is seeded on the face of an existing crystal, a new structural system (lattice) is created.

The new or secondary crystal may develop and grow, then become enclosed within the original crystal as it too expands.

The primary crystal may cease to grow in the plane occupied by the secondary crystal because it's own crystal lattice has been disturbed, and therefore continues growth elsewhere.

A distortion may occur in the primary crystal lattice as it continues to grow while compensating for the presence of its companion.

These adjustments are seamless, without complaint, bias or rationalization. Each crystal is ruled by its structural (molecular) lattice, which determines what it can and can't do … and so, each simply "does".

Crystals are nature's absolute example of playing by the rules where deviation is not an option. Yet amidst the complexity that arises from the interaction of all these totally obedient forms, is life itself.

Myriad Faces of Perfection

  White Gyrolite - Apophyllite - Prehnite base

At the end of the tape on Managing and Increasing Your Personal Energy, Rama briefly talks on the subject of perfection. To point out that there are many kinds of perfection and that perfection is a state of mind, a moment to moment state. In any given moment of stillness, we are perfect for that moment (and therefore, by extrapolation, can be perfect for all moments).

  Heulandite (orange) on Prehnite base

The perception of a "lack" of perfection is a sleight of hand brought about by our dualistic tendency to put everything in a box, label it, store it … then move on and quite likely forget about it.

This is not due to a lack of perfection, but simply that our superimposed criteria for perfection are an illusion and an abstraction that has nothing to do with any external reality.

We pretend that our subjective criteria result in an objective evaluation.

So what is it with crystals that makes them appear so perfect, regardless of impurities and occasional flaws? The answer is, that they just "are".

The mind becomes lost in this simple display of natural diversity. Each face could be a mirror to eternity. We see beyond the chips and flaws of time, right into that amazing display of light and physical structure. For a brief period we suspend our nonsensical evaluations and become absorbed.

I suspect herein lies the true definition of beauty, ie: perception unclouded by evaluation. Speaking on the subject of happiness, Rama said, "To see beauty, is to be happy". Crystals have beauty to spare.

  Green Apophyllite
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