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The How and Why



The Why ( ? ):

The simple answer is ... To Inspire others and to say: Thanks!

To show at least some aspect of what can be accomplished with dedication to a task and the application of 'right effort', and in some small way, to acknowledge and thank these people for the remarkable work they have done, and in some cases, continue to do.

Why Profile These People?

Firstly ... there are many thousands of dedicated people out there (you may be one of them)
, who are working towards the expansion of human knowledge and the betterment of our planetary environment. Most will recieve little or no recognition for the work they do. Yet they continue because that is what they do and it's a job that needs to be done!

I'm not suggesting that there aren't those who dream of fame and/or fortune from making a remarkable discovery, but rather that for many at least, the task of discovery is its own reward.
Either way, they all deserve our thanks and grattitude.

The people who have been profiled on the VayuLila web site can be said to have had a major karmic impact on human society in recent history. In some cases going on long after their physical death.
They have significantly altered our perception and understanding of ourselves and the world in which we live.

And lastly: Though global change for the better will ultimately only result from an improvement in our shared understanding of life
, it is our individual decisions that will help to bring about a positive outcome.

I encourage you to seek clarity of understanding, via meditiation, yoga or whatever tools work for you. To strive for "mindfulness"
in your daily life. To focus with positive intent and perfect any task you undertake, no matter how humble. Do this for yourself, but know, that the world will benefit!

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The How ...

These profiles are the result of much research and cross-referencing, mostly (but not exclusively) via Internet sources. Each profile will have had over 100 hours of research and taken more than a day to then compile and write.

Though every effort has been made to keep these profiles accurate and reasonably objective, they are not intended as difinitive works. Hence, they have been called profiles rather than biographies.

When this profiling project began in the year 2000, providing source references (like those in a thesis) was considered. In the years since then, many of the sources have vanished, some have been replaced and new sources have arisen.

Suffice to say: The Internet is a very fluid and dynamic data source, and since URLs are wont to "change without notice", only the higher quality (reliable) links are provided near the bottom of each profile. Links will of course be checked and updated from time to time, but there is no formal plan for the frequency of these checks.

Please feel free to notify VayuLila if you find any broken links. Vayu and the VayuLila team will appreciate your assistance!


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Available Profiles:

 Adamsons (Joy & George) and the lions 

In development

 Sir David Attenborough 
Natural History Documentarian / Environmentalist
 Jacques Cousteau  Marine Explorer / Environmentalist
 Dian Fossey  Primatologist - Gorillas
 Jane Goodall  Primatologist - Chimpanzees
 Dr. David Suzuki  Geneticist / Environmentalist

More will be added as time permits.





The information provided in this profile has been compiled from a variety of (mostly Internet) sources and cross-referenced to maintain accuracy wherever possible. Since the profile is intended to be informative rather than definitive, no guarantee is given for the absolute historical accuracy of the material herein presented. Anyone reproducing or quoting this material does so at their own risk.

Errors and Omissions:
We welcome your feedback. If you have information that may enhance this profile by improving its accuracy, removing errors or detailing significant omissions, please let us know by Contacting:

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