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A shaft of light breaks through a section of fallen ceiling. The wondrous glowing forms built over the ages by the slow passage of mineral and water stand revealed. There is no time limit to eternity. Thoughts dissolve like minerals in water, creating new forms, new realities . . . and always . . . changing.

For a brief moment, thoughts may hold a crystalline solidity, the gems of impermanence, there to behold for those that wish to see and feel. Then, blending like the colors of a sunset, they return to the eternity from which they came.

There is no altar here, no shrine to greatness, achievement or enlightenment. There is just a place, where for the moments that time allows, those who can remember, do. In the temple of the heart are held the memories, here spoken for others to share, memories of Vayu and Rama.


Vayu's Help

I remember trying to meditate one day and feeling this little warm body sit down next to me - it was Vayu. When I told Rama he said he had come to give me encouragement. Rama also told me Vayu was enlightened. I looked at this
sweet little black dog, sitting in the bright green grass staring back at me. And the look in his eyes said more than I will ever know.
Walking with Vayu

I walked with Vayu a few times. Following an enlightened dog as he investigated a park, the geese by the water, the bushes, the sea-shore were some of the highest moments of my life. It was as if the most precious presence in the Universe was allowing you to walk beside them for a while, and I remember trying to glide along in his light and keep as high and clear and true as I followed and watched the master.

Being near Vayu was like finding your heart, your home after the wilderness and desert of samsara had blown you unexpectedly into his path. He is my most faithful friend, Rama's constant companion. My hero, my light, my saviour. You may have met him, and if you did you would agree that he was the most loving being that you had ever had the blessing to see. He 'emanated' love and compassion from every fibre of his being - so strongly that I fell in love with him at once. He has been there in the darkest times for me. His love is there - pure and strong, for all of us.
Lessons in Love

If you saw Rama with him, they were complete. I have never seen or felt such ultimate happiness, joy, bliss, love, wisdom as when they were together. Rama said he would rather be in hell with Vayu than in heaven without him.

He said how after Vayu had left the physical, that he was waiting for Rama, out on the edge of the shimmering light, that he wouldn't go without him. What a love they have! Intense, magnificent, true love. We are so lucky. To have had the joy of not one but two enlightened beings in our lives!
Rama and Vayu's Thanka

The photo of Rama and Vayu together reminds me of the Buddha of Compassion Avalokitesvara, with the branches of the palm tree behind Rama his thousand arms. It also evokes the Tantric imagery of the Buddha's and their consorts - the union of Wisdom and Compassion: Vayu and Rama. Have
you seen the Tibetan thankas, where the Buddha is depicted showing the Wheel of Life? If you look he is in fact pointing away from the wheel, off to the side. Like Vayu here, looking away, out to the sea. I have been told that this symbolises that it is not here where we should be looking . . .

TFDU - Aug 2000
Happy Birthday Vayu - Dec 12

Vayu, My dear friend. My sweet inspiration. The emblem of love and courage and purity. Perfect. Still. Present. Real. Loyal. Companionable. Distant. Strong. In my heart.

Thank you for all the teachings you have given, all the kindness bestowed, all the inspiration you engendered. Thank you. You have touched me like no other can do. I have glimpsed how you loved Rama. Glimpsed how he loved you. It was beyond my knowing, but felt. Lessons in love, you have taught me how it can exist. How we can have love at first sight. How we have an infinite sea around us and through us. When I think of love, you are the purest source, and Rama is there with you. I love you Vayu. You are my heart. Long live Vayulila and all that it stands for! We celebrate your essence and your path lit by the sound of muffled feet, and a wiggle and a way that could melt stone into reality.

Happy Birthday Teacher!

TFDU - Dec 2000  



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