Viewing Power Pearls
It is recomemded that you maximise your browser window for optimal viewing. Internet Explorer users can press the F11 key to make their browser go full-screen. Press F11 again to restore the browser's previous state. Power Pearls may be downloaded for use as desktop wallpaper and are provided in 600 x 800 pixel and 768 x 1024 pixel RGB formats to accommodate most monitors.

Interested in the technical details? ... See: Making Pearls.

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 --> See Large Eagle Power Pearl -->

Eagle1.JPG - (Rev 1)
Wedgetail Eagle - Aquila audax (aka. Eaglehawk), Wingspan up to 2.5m (8 ft). Healesville Sanctuary, Victoria, Australia. Largest Australian Bird of Prey.

 --> See Large Belladonna Lily Power Pearl -->
Flower1.JPG - (Rev 2)
Belladonna Lily - Hippeastrum Belladonna - Not a native, but common in the area. Kallista, Victoria, Australia.

 --> See Large Lighthouse Power Pearl -->
Lighthouse1.JPG - (Rev 3)
Lighthouse at Point Lonsdale, Vic, Aus. Assists shipping through the very narrow (and treacherous) entrance to Port Phillip Bay, access to Ports Melbourne and Williamstown and also to Melbourne (State Capital).

 --> See Large Powerful Owl Power Pearl -->
Owl1.JPG - (Rev 4)
Powerful Owl - Ninox strenua (aka. Great Scrub Owl, Eagle Owl), the largest of Australian owls. Healesville Sanctuary, Vic, Aus.
 --> See Large Rainforest Power Pearl -->
- (Rev 3)
Cement Creek, Cool Temperate Rainforest, Yarra Ranges National Park, Vic, Aus.

 --> See Large Kallista Snow Power Pearl -->
Snow1.JPG - (Rev 1)
Kallista, Victoria, Australia. Snow heavy enough to stay on the ground for more than a few hours only occurs once every 7 years or so. Further up the mountain (+200m altitude) light snow is an annual event.

 --> See Large Fractal Power Pearl -->
Sparkles1.JPG - (Rev 3)
Simple Fractal Landscape. Created with Kai's Fractal Explorer and Power Tools, running under Adobe Photoshop 4.

 --> See Large Sunrise Power Pearl -->
Sunrise1.JPG - (Rev 2)
Kallista, Victoria, Australia. Due to the surrounding landscape there is a considerable diversity of spectacular sunrises.

 --> See Large Wattle Power Pearl -->
Wattle1.JPG - (Rev 1)
One of the many species of native Wattle trees in the region. Photographed with a macro lense, range approximately 16" (400mm).


Making Power Pearls

Camera: Chinon MultiFunction Auto SLR
Lenses: 27 - 70mm Zoom/Macro, 70 -210mm Telephoto
Filters: Don't believe in them, though I confess to occasionally using a polarising lense to cut out glare from highly reflective surfaces eg: seaside photos etc. Film: Mostly Fujichrome 100ASA, though occasionally 400ASA (1600ASA at Rock Concerts, ah sure, they let me in with a camera :-)
Scanning: Photos scanned at 400dpi (600dpi is the maximum useful resolution you will get from photographs. Beyond that, all that you are adding is the grain of the paper).
Files: Images are saved as JPEG, (Photoshop) compression level 8 (High Quality). Creates files averaging 1.2Mb per photo (@ 400dpi, RGB). Working file size is in the region of 8 to 12Mb.
Digital Art:

Main Tools: Adobe Photoshop with Photoshp's built-in and assorted plug-in filters, primarily Alien Skin (Eye Candy to you MAC users) and the mandatory Kai's Power Tools :-)
Artwork: Working files (1536 x 2048 pixels) range up to 35Mb each and are usually twice the size of finished screen output (768 x 1024 pixels). When images are completed they are reduced to final size (some or all of the image may be sharpened), and are then saved in JPEG format (Photoshop JPEG compression level 6 for wallpaper and 5 for HTML art).
General Notes: The Power Pearl images have been specifically created for screen display. Attempting to print these files may produce less than desirable results.
Printing Hint: When printing increase the Brightness setting by 10 - 15 %. The 768 x 1024 versions should survive enlargement up to A4 size. Posters of Power Pearl Images could be produced If there were sufficient interest.






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