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A power place is where you go to access power. This of course assumes that you have the personal power to get there, to interface with the energy present and are able to integrate that energy into your life. This is unlikely to occur if you do not have the stillness of mind (being) that comes from practices like meditation.

Perception - A note

In the world of matter, we generally define our reality by comparative perception. We compare a new experience with those we have had, the experience is often evaluated then stored (sometimes blended together) with similar experiences. We call this memory.

Recent research into brain activity has shown that certain areas of the brain can in fact be directly externally stimulated by modulated electromagnetic fields to produce a variety of sensations. These include euphoric quasi-religious experiences, the feeling of an unseen presence, and hundreds more.

This clinical research presently takes the position that this indicates that most apparently non-causal "phenomena" may be no more than mild aberrations of normal brain function.

I would suggest instead that this validates what mystics have known throughout history. That certain practices, like meditation, can increase our sensitivity to energy states that would normally go unnoticed, or perhaps more correctly be ignored. Our general state of consciousness observes only the outermost layers of any perceivable reality.

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Energy and Auras

Energy exists in many states. The denser and lower energy states, we call matter. Fluid, self-determinate states of energy, we call life. All things are energy in one state or another, and that energy constantly shifts, sometimes quickly, sometimes over millennia (it is worth remembering that time itself is a relative function applicable to this dimension, or ... our present reality).

To begin understanding Places of Power, it is necessary to appreciate that an energy field surrounds all things. That is to say that the energy of an object radiates beyond the visible physical boundary (the constraints of visible perception). This is commonly referred to as an "aura", and the term is generally applied to living things (though from an absolute perspective, all things are alive). Energy level (power) and not physical size or mass determines the dimensions of an aura. For living organisms, the aura indicates the state of being or "aliveness".

Auras (energy fields) interact. Each tree in a forest has an aura, these combine to create the forest's aura. Each person in a city has an aura, these combine to create the aura of the city. This is of course a simplified view since there are other things in forests and cities respectively, besides trees and humans that also have auras.

What does this mean? In short any location will have an ambient (background) auric power level determined by the sum of its auric components. When we visit this location our own aura may be affected (depends on personal energy level, ability to focus and control of personal energy). Our personal power level may be increased or diminished depending on the nature of the auric power present. How we consciously interpret this will depend on our sensitivity and ability to quiet the noise in our minds that we loosely refer to as thinking.

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Hitting the Right Spot

So far, this scratches the surface with regard to the nature of power places. So let's go a level deeper. The most powerful source of energy that we are constantly in touch with is the planet itself. The Earth is a living, seething mass of energy, upon which life precariously maintains a foothold. Our physical existence is played out on the cooled and hardened outer crust, which by comparison is thinner than the shell of a hen's egg. Our wondrous atmosphere, that actually permits "life as we know it", is thinner still.

Within the Earth and across its surface is a multitude of lines of energy. Some of these channels or conduits of power follow underground watercourses, mineral ore bodies, volcanic, seismic and/or geological fault lines, they might be mountains, lakes, desert areas, etc. Places of Power are generally found along these lines of energy, often as a result of the interaction of intersecting energy lines. These nodes of energy are places where the walls of our perceived reality get very, very thin. As Rama would say "places where the dimensions touch".

Now, before you rush off to explore the wilderness in search of power places hitherto undiscovered, here are the obligatory words of caution. Power places are, they just are. They are neither good nor bad, in that they simply represent levels of energy. But those levels of energy WILL impact on our auras, thereby affecting our mental states and personal energy levels. Some will raise, others lower, your personal energy levels. So it pays to treat all such places with proper and due respect. More on the etiquette of power places a little later.

The nature of the energy (or energies) present at any location will to a large degree (depending on your prior personal energy level) determine one's experiences at that place. So, just as you would be discriminating about which restaurant you ate at, you should be equally discriminating of the nature of power places you visit.

Rama's advice was, "if you must go to places of negative energy; do not go alone, only do so when your personal energy is tight and do not stay/camp there overnight." His general recommendation was that 2 to 3 hours was generally more than adequate if you were going to any power place alone.

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