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Finding Power Places

Ultimately, all places are power places, and one could argue that the most powerful are within your own mind. But to stick to the physical for now, recognizing a power place requires sensitivity (unless of course you have a good map). This sensitivity is developed by practices, such as meditation, that still the noise we call thinking and allows us to "feel" beyond the boundaries of the physical body. This is not about learning a new skill. The ability already exists, it merely suffers due to a lack of exercise and a polluted environment.

In an ideal situation, an enlightened teacher, or one well along the path to enlightenment would demonstrate this. Unfortunately, these sorts can be thin on the ground when you need them, so patience, perseverance and improvisation will often go a long way.

  Petrified Forest Nat Park Arizona

Scouting Missions

By now it would probably have become apparent that there is more to visiting Places of Power than whipping out a MasterCard and booking a Greyhound bus tour of the Grand Canyon. I hasten to add that there is nothing wrong with seeing the Grand Canyon via a commercial bus tour, and in Tantra, all experience is "grist for the mill" right!

But we are specifically talking about a personal spiritual journey here. The cute guy or gal sitting across from you who keeps admiring your energy with those bedroom eyes, or the old guy in front who keeps farting ... well, they just might prove to be a distraction that you don't need (or perhaps it would be better to say, don't want).

In the end it will be a matter of choice and a question of how well you can stay focussed when there are distractions around. The bus trip may be a useful reconnaissance mission to discover a location to return to privately (or with selected company) at a later date. So scouting missions are good if you are paying attention.

  Yosemite National Park CA

Clues to Power Place Locations

High Energy Sites

If a power place exists in an inhabited and accessible region of the world, there will quite likely be a trail leading to it. Many of the world's major religious sites are built over, around or close to, places of power. These also include American Indian, Australian Aboriginal and other sacred sites. Perhaps you thought I was joking earlier when I mentioned having a good map? ;-)

[ Please Note: Many native cultures have strict taboos relating to who may visit their sacred sites. For example, in many cases women are strictly NOT allowed. No judgement is implied or intended here. Cultural diversity suggests that we will encounter practices that we may find disagreeable or even unfair. Each of us will have to deal with that in our own way. But in all cases, when stepping into some one else's sacred territory, permission should be sought from the relevant guardian or elder. See also the section on etiquette a little further on.]

Water, and in particular moving water, has a great deal of energy. This makes beaches, rivers, streams, lakes etc. some of the easiest power places to find (unless of course you are living in a desert, even one of snow and ice).

The art of dowsing can be used to trace underground water (ore bodies and other features). Dowsers can also locate energy lines (generally referred to as Ley-lines) and their intersections. There are still communities where these abilities are respected. It pays to ask, in a discreet fashion of course, as any anomalies may be just what you're looking for. Animal trials will often follow ley-lines.

  Nevada Desert near Lake Mead (Dry Wash)

Low Energy Sites

Low energy areas can be seen as taking two main forms. One is an area of depletion or exhaustion. This can result from human habitation and the attendant overpopulation and pollution that often follows. The second are regions where the native energy is of a kind that is simply hostile to life. An example of this may be natural bald spots.

When you encounter a region with sickly looking growth or lacking in vegetation, in an otherwise well vegetated area, avoid this. If any visible animal trials also detour around this region, you probably don't want to go there either.

Just as there are places that are geologically toxic (due to mineral and trace elements), there are also places that are psychically toxic. They won't necessarily be labelled, so it will be up to you or your guide to know and/or sense this.

It should also be noted that this can vary from person to person. Your energy level at a particular time may make a location potentially hostile, while at another time and a different personal energy level, the same location will be more or less harmless.


Just in case you may be thinking that you are starting to get a handle on this, keep in mind that all energy moves in cycles. Our personal energy naturally ebbs and flows like the tides and so do Places of Power. The cycles may be daily, seasonal, or take millennia depending on the nature and/or source of the energy present.

  Nevada Desert near Lake Mead

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