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Observe !!!

Its been a long hike, probably more than a little anticipation has developed ... and suddenly "there you are" (again). Take the time to have a good look around, perhaps take a photo or two. Experience the presence of the place and your presence within that place. Relax and still your mind.

Find a comfortable place, a place that feels "right". Sit, meditate and experience the location.

What else happens will be largely up to you, in as much as we all see first that which we want to see. This is your opportunity to see beyond yourself, to touch eternity and the dimensions that surround us. Perhaps close your eyes and open your mind. Stop thought for a while and really "be" there.

This is an opportunity to not only observe the natural power and beauty of a place, but the natural power and beauty within you. Observe! Don't judge or discriminate, just watch and feel.

If you came with company, there may be a temptation to "run off at the mouth" in an attempt to communicate your experience. Resist this! While you are there, just "be" for a while. Save the chatter for when you get back.

Before you leave, give appropriate thanks in the manner of your custom, for the opportunity of the experience(s) you have had. Whether they were subtle nuances or religious in proportion makes no difference. When you leave, you leave changed! Whether you are conscious of it or not, you will have spiritually evolved. You will be a little more awake in the dream of life.

  Bandolier National Monument early winter ice

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