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The VayuLila Visions pages are intended to be a personal-power management resource. Use these pages to help shift your awareness, your mental focus, away from negative mind-states that you might be stuck in. Images and ideas are provided to assist in the process of restoring clarity and a balanced state of mind. Spare a few minutes to meditate on the provided images and change your perspective. Where you take it from there is of course entirely up to you.

Achieving a happy, healthy life is largely about managing one's personal energy levels. Rama spent considerable time teaching his students to understand power, how to increase and maintain their personal energy levels and how to avoid losing
energy. Rama regularly took students on field trips to places of power to gain personal experience.

If you would like more information on topics relating to personal energy, I would highly recommend Rama's recordings (now on CD) titled "The Zen Tapes" available from:


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Power Places ...

The Power Places pages are intended only as an introduction to Power Places and cover the basics of 'Why, Where and How'. Even a book is unlikely to do justice to this topic, since the best way to learn about places of power is to go there, preferably with a teacher or some one who knows about and understands such places. No book or collection of web pages can replace or substitute for personal experience.

Students of Rama who went on field trips to places of power, into to desert or other locations, are most welcome to share some of their experiences. Even a few paragraphs about your experiences with your teacher or crisp photo or two, would make a welcome addition to the Power Places section. Vayu and the VayuLila team will appreciate your assistance!



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You might be wondering what all this talk of power is about, on a web site that primariliy deals with issues of environment and ecology. In short, because VayuLila also deals with the ecology of mind. Thoughts and states of mind grow from the seeds of experience, they may be nurtured and allowed to flower, or ignored and left to perish. There are both flowers and weeds, and it helps to know which should be cultivated.

Also, it is our hope that by presenting images of how wonderful the natural world is, that just maybe, a few more people will become inspired to help prevent that beauty from being destroyed.

Power Pearls ...

Are small works of art, often based on photographic images. They are provided simply as a mental trigger for a moment of escapism to break away from your current state of mind. Use them as the focus for a brief meditation when you need to shift your awareness.

Power Postcards ...

Are images from places that you probably haven't been to. Like the Power Pearls their primary purpose is to help you unhitch from a state of mind, but with the Power Postcards you can practice putting your attention into another space. Focus or meditate on these photographs and try to put yourself there experiencing, not just looking at, the scene.

Please feel free to Contribute to VayuLila if you have photos or images that you believe may be appropriate. Vayu and the VayuLila team will appreciate your assistance!



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