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VayuLila (story of Vayu) is dedicated to the Rama's loving friend and companion Vayu, to a greater understanding of the environment and the protection of the natural world and ALL its inhabitants.

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Achieving a happy, healthy life is largely about managing one's personal energy levels. Rama spent considerable time teaching his students to understand power, how to increase and maintain their personal energy levels and how to avoid losing energy. Rama regularly took students on field trips to places of power to gain personal experience.

You might be wondering what this has to do with the environment. The answer is surprisingly simple. Your personal energy level will effect your state of mind, which in turn effects the decisions you make ... right down to the items you purchase from your local shopping centre. Almost every choice you make will in some way impact the environment, sometimes unseen by you, and on another continent.


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Your awareness of the world around you is what matters, being mindful of your thoughts, actions and how these may help to preserve the beauty and wonder that is the little blue planet we call Earth.

Don't ever think that "it doesn't matter", it does. As Rama would say "no thought or action is wasted". Each of us has the opportunity to make a difference. Whether we use that opportunity is entirely up to us.

So you are likely to occasionally hear mention of meditation and mindfulness on the VayuLila web site, because these are practical tools which we can use to cut through poor states of awareness.

If you would like more information on topics relating to personal energy, I would highly recommend Rama's recordings (now on CD) titled "The Zen Tapes" available from:


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