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To Be or Not To Be, That Is The Question

On one of his tapes Rama mentions that this is a world of Power, and that beings incarnate here to learn how to deal with Power. Places of Power are one aspect of this education. They are a natural component of this existence.

Rama went on to say that anyone seriously interested in managing their personal energy should set aside at least 1 weekend per month, to break with their routine and reconnect with the natural world, "recharge their batteries" as he put it. This would preferably be a place of solitude, away from the general auric noise of civilization.

This does not necessarily mean going there alone, rather going to a place where there is the opportunity to disentangle from the thoughts of others, to rediscover what thoughts are really your own. A place where meditation and solitude will allow you "not to be" for a while. Then return to the world of busy-ness and "be" with renewed energy.

  Yosemite Valley - Yosemite National Park CA

Seeing is Believing?

We live within a social structure where daily human activities and adventures often totally disconnect us from the natural world. That natural world is (almost totally due to human demands) under extreme stress.

Being out there and in touch with the woods, the lakes, the deserts, the mosquitos that bite and bugs that buzz, the furry things that scamper through the twilight ... this all serves to remind us, of our place in eternity. We are guests in this life, just passing through. A brief visit, a quick photo opportunity, before we move on again. Others will come after us, we should do them the courtesy of leaving the natural world in good order, so that they too can marvel at creation.

The saying says that, "Seeing is believing". Perhaps, if the seeing is not with the eyes alone. Personally I believe that feeling the energy of a place is far more convincing proof of the wonder of life. It is also far more likely to generate the respectful awe of nature that may save it from ruin at our hands.

The bottom line though is power, personal power. The power to make the most of the life that you are experiencing as you weave your way through countless states of mind in this transient existence. All evolution requires energy, even spiritual evolution.

  Yosemite National Park CA

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